Credissimo is to pay BGN 1.3m in dividends (16.07.2015)


One of the younger companies listed on the Bulgarian Stock Exchange, Credissimo, is to pay out BGN 1.3m in dividends to its shareholders. This became clear after the general shareholders meeting, which took place on the 14th of July 2015. The company will use its retained earnings from past years, totaling BGN 5.166m out of which, BGN 3.87m will remain as reserves. This equates to a gross dividend of BGN 0.26 per share.

Money payout

Dividends are distributed to existing shareholders 14 days after the shareholders meeting or 28th of July 2015. The beginning date for the money transfer is still unknown but the transfer has to commence in 3 months. The clients with accounts with investment intermediaries would receive the money through them, while the rest would be able to withdraw the money from the branches of DSK Bank or the central office of the company.

Credissimo is one of the newest public companies. It was listed on the Bulgarian Stock Exchange in May last year through a secondary share issue. A few months later, the shareholder capital was doubled through retained earnings and totaled BGN 5.0m.

All of the company shares are being traded on the Bulgarian Stock Exchange but the trading volume is low. The last share price was BGN 11.50. The major shareholders are Sokol Qnkov (30.83%), Kosta Kunchev (28.33%), Asen Benev (25.83%) and Advenkos (15.00%) represented by Konstantin Krastev.


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