Ilian Scarlatov in the studio of Investbook Bulgaria On Air (04.06.2015)


Ilian Scarlatov, managing partner of the Bulgarian investment bank Mane Capital, comments on the brave task of Welcome Holdings – the construction of the city tourism project St. Sofia. Brave, not only because of the project itself, but also because of the interesting approach of raising capital through warrants. The investment bank Mane Capital is managing the warrant issue.

According to Mr. Scarlatov, it is exactly the warrants that most accurately match the requirements of the investor because the main idea is to have a flexible and continuous financing, which is not dependent on regulators and outside factors. The amount sounds shocking at first – BGN 6.8bn, added Scarlatov, but this is the ceiling, it is not the exact required amount. There is a limit for the amount as well as the timeframe. It is usual for such a capital increase and warrants to target outside investors, keeping in mind the large amount.

What exactly is this derivative, is the Bulgarian capital market familiar enough with it and why choose the Bulgarian Stock Exchange are the questions discussed by Mr. Scarlatov in the video bellow.

Furthermore, the managing partner of ManeCapital gave his opinion about the investment interests of individual investors in Bulgaria, in an environment with record low interest rates. Will the investment funds continue to look appealing when according to Bulgarian National Bank, their assets had increased. Lastly, are company shares overpriced?


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