Ilian Scarlatov: There has to be predictability and rules in Bulgaria (14.05.2013)


“The pension system is in the context of many things, including education, however what kind of pension reform and education are we expecting when the rule of law is weak.” said Ilian Scarlatov, Managing Partner at the investment bank Mane Capital at the “The Sound of Money 2013” annual conference, according to 

What happened to the first and second category labor? Some money from individuals went to the government. To be more precise BGN 100 million were nationalized.
After that the Constitutional Court officially ruled against it, but nothing happened. If the Constitutional Court has no power over the actions of the government and if the laws are not respected, everything else stops making sense. There has to be predictability and the rules, once set, should be followed”, said Scarlatov.

“The Sound of Money 2013” annual conference is organized by the VIP sponsorship of Euro Finance and the main sponsors are: SG Expressbank, the importer of cars Chevrolet and the insurance company Armeec. Pension fund Doverie, Activa Asset Management, EF Asset Management and Balkan International Wine were also sponsors.
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