Indexes advance, with losing stocks taking a big fall (28.01.2014)


Sviloza declined 14.0% last week after reaching 86.0% growth since the beginning of the year.

The BSE indexes continue their upward movement and closed as follows: SOFIX (+0.4%) at 548.68 points, BGBX40 (+0.2%) at 109.86 points, BGTR30 (+0.1%) at 387.29 points and BGREIT (+0.2%) at 90.20 points.

The main European indexes declined following the downturn of the US equity market last week.
“There is a weak correlation between the Bulgarian Stock Exchange and the international markets, which reflects the positive acumen of small investors and partially the lack of large ones” said Vesselin Zahariev, partner at investment bank Mane Capital.
Trading volume on the BSE was 400,000 with FIB (-0.3%) – 90,000, Himimport (+1.8%) – 73,000 and
Sopharma (-0.3%) – 58,000.

During the first two hours of trading on the BSE, there were 36 traded stock with winner/loser ratio of 12/17 and 7 stocks that showed no change.

Among the companies with more than BGN 5,000 in total revenue, Stara Planina Hold PLC (+4.6%), Holding Putishta (+3.6%) and Bilboard (+3.1%) were the best performers, while Energoni (-17.0%), Sviloza (-7.0%) and Sinergon (-3.0%) were the biggest losers.

From the beginning of the year Sviloza stock prices rose by 86.0% until last week, before falling by 14.0% this week.


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