Pig Farm - Nikolovo AD rights trading will start on 17th of January 2014 (14.01.2014)


According to the Bulgarian Stock Exchange (BSE), Pig Farm - Nikolovo AD rights trading will start on 17th of January 2014. A total of 2.625m warrants will be issued at BGN 0.41 per right and BGN 3.00 per warrant, thus the price per stock will be BGN 3.41. The warrants have a 4-year maturity.

At least 10% of the warrants (262,500) have to be subscribed for the issue to be successful, which will provide the company with BGN 107,625 and with BGN 1.1m if there is a full subscription.

The auction for unexercised rights will begin on the 10th of February 2014 and the deadline for the payment of the issue price will be 24th of February 2014.

Mane Capital, a boutique investment bank will manage the issue, while the financial intermediary will be DISL Securities.
This will be third warrant issue on the Bulgarian capital market, after the issue of Enemona AD and Investor.BG AD. Mane Capital managed and structured all three of them.

The latest deal with shares of Pig Farm - Nikolovo AD was on December 18, 2013 with 7,005 shares at a price of BGN 3.06. The firm has a current market capitalization of BGN 8m and its stock price rose by 82% in the last 12 months.
Total sales amounted to BGN 8m for the first 3 quarters of 2013, with net profits of BGN 8,000. The firm operates in the production and processing of pork meat business segment.


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