Roobar announced its upcoming IPO | Sound of money (12.05.2015)


When I graduated in Germany I never thought we are ranked lower than the western Europeans. I never thought that Bulgaria is the only market for Smart Organic, said Yani Dragov.

During the first two years of our business, we only imported bio foods for wholesale purposes. Two years later we were number one in Bulgaria distribution-wise, so we had to think of something else. That's how we invented our own product. From to the high quality of the products we imported, I noticed that there is a niche, which allowed us to create something of high quality and sell it. If there is such a niche in Bulgaria, then there is one in Europe as well.

The product speaks for itself. We do not have a marketing budget. Unlike Coca-Cola, where the product contains low quality ingredients but the company invests large amounts in marketing, we invest everything in an extremely high quality product, which speaks for itself and so from person to person we get a very organic growth, said Dragov, chief executive officer in Smart Organic.

Our product has a global presence in 40 countries on 5 continents. We are one of the top distributers in Germany and our next goal is to pursue entry in the US market. We have already made the first steps. The US market is highly competitive but we are confident in your products.

There are over 120 brands of protein bars in the US, however the people were amazed by our product at an exhibition we attended there. Our products are simple, but we have a unique know-how. In the US most of the energy bars have a minimum of 15 ingredients and if a brand has 9 or so, it is considered extraordinary. Our bars have only 4 ingredients, which is the main reason we believe we could succeed there.

“We get phone calls from investors every week offering to buy us, invest in us or lend us money. This started happening after an article about us was written in an American newspaper. I will use this moment to make a public announcement. By the end of the week we will submit a prospectus to the Financial Regulation Commission for an initial public offering of shares on the Bulgarian stock exchange. Manager of the IPO is the Bulgarian investment bank MANE Capital”, said Dragov.

He concluded that he believes the IPO will be successful and that the potential investors will be satisfied.


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