The sweet growth of Roobar (22.01.2015)


Mixing crushed nuts with dried fruits into an energy bar could look like an easy task which takes 5 minutes in the kitchen. However, when you are preparing the recipe on a daily basis for thousands of people around the world, it becomes something much more complicated. It might be considered strange, but sometimes you have to take the role of a mechanical engineer or even a world class negotiator. Even though they have to put tremendous effort into the successful running of the company, the 3 entrepreneurs are not amongst the people who would start complaining. Their common project is done through the company Kurabiinitsa and the product is called Roobar. The sweets of Anita Klasanova, Kalin Klasanov and Yani Dragov have received a positive mark from 36 foreign markets while the accomplishment in Bulgaria is gained through the “Innovations” award in the category “Quality life”.


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