Vesselin Zahariev: There are many investors but they want a good regulatory framework | Financing mechanisms in the Water Supply and Sanitation (WSS) sector (12.05.2015)


There are over $20-40bn for the WSS sector, which are waiting to be invested every year. It’s attractive, because the cash flows are easy to forecast and depending on the price of the services, you can tell what streams of revenue those WSS holdings can generate in the next 25 years.

Bulgaria has numerous WSS operators which have a constant need of investments in infrastructure. Therefore, we have the following paradox – on one side we have a whole universe of investors and on the other we have those who need the investments, but there is no link between the two.

Every year the infrastructure funds acquire up to $38bn for investments. Between $10 and $20bn are invested in WSS. It is a fact that such funds have not invested in Bulgaria. They want a good regulatory framework and I hope that it will become attractive for private investments in the short-term. It is important for WSS operators to synchronize their priorities with those of the investors.


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