Welcome Holdings AD issues up to 1.375bn warrants (18.05.2015)


Board of Directors of Welcome Holdings AD-Sofia (WCO) decided to issue warrants under the IPO conditions. This became clear from the protocol of the emergency general meeting that took place on the 16th of March 2015.

The total value of the warrant issue would be BGN 1,375,000. The nominal value of 1 warrant is 0,001. Total number of warrants is 1,375,000,000. The warrants would have an exercise option of 6 years and the exercise value of the warrants is BGN 5.00.

The issued rights/warrants ratio is 1 right/27,500 warrants. The IPO of the warrant issue would be considered successful if at least 937,500,000 warrants are subscribed.

Bulgaria's leading boutique investment bank Mane Capital managed the warrant issue. The investment intermediary is DISL Securities. The General Meeting has authorized the Board of Directors to make decisions for capital increases.


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