Yani Dragov: Bulgaria’s strengths lay within the niche products | Sound of Money (12.05.2015)


Bulgaria doesn't have a good reputation in Western Europe in almost every aspect except the food sector. We still have a good reputation for clean nature and suitable environment for bio agriculture and bio production. Most of our foreign partners are surprised that we are from Bulgaria but not in a negative way, said Yani Dragov, executive director of Smart Organic.

The bio foods sector has a huge growth potential. Regardless of how developed western European countries are, the bio foods industry represents only 3% of the total food market. It is a fast growing sector but it is still a niche one and I believe that this is where the Bulgarian competitive advantage lays. Bulgarian producers are flexible for such small productions.

In terms of government support in this industry, I believe that mainly farmers and producers can be educated for such productions. Many of them might be able to achieve higher revenues with less effort, should they switch to bio agriculture.

Currently, they are producing cheap agricultural products, which if replaced with bio products could generate much higher revenues. There is always a shortage in the bio market and the demand is always higher than the supply.


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Source: Profit.bg

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