FSC has officially approved the Tender Offer for Bulstrad Vienna Insurance Group (27.07.2017)


The Financial Supervision Commission (FSC) did not issue a ban for TBI Bulgaria EAD to purchase the shares of the insurance company Bulstrad Vienna Insurance Group AD through investment intermediary D.I.S.L. Securities AD from the minority shareholders of the company.

Subject to this tender offer are 19,559 shares of the insurance company 'Bulstrad Vienna Insurance Group',  which represents 0.62% of the share capital of the company.

The price per share offered by the Tender Offeror is BGN 44.78.

Manager of the Tender Offer is the Bulgarian investment banking boutiqute MANE Capital.

Upon completion of the Tender Offer, the majority shareholder plans to delist Bulstrad Vienna Insurance Group from the Stock Exchange.

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