Mane Capital provides a wide range of investment banking services:

Mergers & Acquisitions



It comes time when your company joins forces with another company to achieve operating business advantage and to increase shareholders’ wealth. Your company benefits from a contingent merger by achieving economies of scale, becoming more efficient, expanding in foreign markets, obtaining new technologies, or diversifying the core business lines.

Our team has experience in advising public and private companies in Bulgaria, CEE and Western Europe. Though our global network and local expertise we can find appropriate strategic partner for your company to create a dominant leader in your regional and/or local market.



The acquisition of a competitor or the diversification of business lines are inevitable steps in every company's corporate life.

Mane Capital recognizes your company’s need to maintain growth through external expansion. Our team provides services including buy- and sell-side advisory, fairness opinion and valuation. We will be next to you at each step of the transaction, can take a significant part of your workload, and maximize the transaction value. We facilitate the process for you through:

Our experience in Bulgaria and CEE

Our proficiency obtained in multiple M&A deals

Our expertise in many sectors including



We understand your need to focus on core business and dispose some of the supplementary business lines or an exit opt for a major shareholder. Our team provides services including sell-side advisory, fairness opinion and valuation.

Capital Markets


Equity Capital Markets (ECM)

Access to capital is a critical part of every company’s business strategy. We work closely with you to understand the company’s business and ambition, and provide the best solution to fulfill them. We facilitate strong growing companies and boost their growth by raising equity from foreign and domestic institutional investors and from the general public. Larger and diversified equity base, quick access to capital, increased exposure, prestige, and public image are among the benefits public companies can enjoy.


Debt Capital Markets (DCM)

Debt financing is an indispensable part of your company’s optimal capital structure. In the highly-specialized debt market, your company needs a knowledgeable partner to secure the lowest cost of capital. As a specialized boutique investment bank, Mane Capital adds craftsmanship and quality in structuring, marketing and execution of debt capital deals. 

Our dedicated team has extensive experience in structuring and executing high-quality corporate debt issues in the Bulgarian market.


Hybrid instruments & derivatives

We consider various types of hybrid financial instruments to best suit your company’s strategic goals. We feel equally comfortable to structure and execute preferred shares and convertible bonds issues as well as warrants to raise capital for new projects and to add value and flexibility in meeting strategic objectives.

Mane Capital is innovative and forward-thinking investment bank. We pride ourselves on being pioneers in introducing warrants on the Bulgarian capital market. Currently all existing warrants issues have been structured and executed by our team.

Financial Services


Mane Capital professionals have deep skills and broad experience necessary to provide wide range of high-quality financial services.

Strategic advice
Valuation & fairness opinion
Financial research

Our goal is to provide you with rigorous and comprehensive research on which you can base your long-term business decisions.