The cost for execution of the warrants of Pig Farm - Nikolovo falls by 17% (05.11.2014)


The cost for execution of the warrants of Pig Farm - Nikolovo has fallen by 17% from BGN 3.00 to BGN 2.50.

The reason is the capital increase with own proceeds from BGN 2.625m to BGN 3.5m. This is the third issue of warrants on BSE- Sofia. The previous two were issued by Enemona AD and AD.

Last year, only 3 deals with the shares of Pig Farm - Nikolovo AD at prices ranging from BGN 2.99 to BGN 3.06 have been made. At the moment there is a bid of BGN 3.00 and an ask of BGN 4.00.

Net profit of the holding increased by 34% to BGN 700,000 in the 3rd quarter of 2014. The profit from sales fell by 12% to BGN 4.9m, while total revenue is up 5% to BGN 6.16m. The main reason for the total revenue increase is the increase in other income by BGN 1.25m.

It became clear from the company financial statements that the price of grown pigs is BGN 2.50 per kg, while piglets cost BGN 4.58 per kg. The average sale price was BGN 3.50 per kg or an increase of BGN 0.3 on a yearly basis.


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